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Meet your Docter

The why of why we are here:


Freedom.  Different form of availability.  Different places of availability.

Patient pays a monthly subscription fee.

Great for self-employed/Cost sharing health plans.

Easy access.

Communication with text, video, phone.

One stop healthcare.

This is not health insurance.  Recommend having a wrap-around insurance plan for emergencies.

Welcome to Berg Direct Primary Care, where you'll receive exceptional healthcare rooted in Dr. Berg's extensive expertise and dedication to patient well-being. A graduate of the University of Minnesota Duluth Medical School with residency training at Hennepin County Medical Center, Dr. Berg is a board-certified family physician renowned for his commitment to providing comprehensive care.

With certification for DOT exams and a steadfast dedication to his patients' health, Dr. Berg continues to make rounds at New Prague Mayo Hospital, ensuring continuity of care even as the hospital transitions away from obstetrics services.  Dr. Berg is board certified in Family Medicine.

What sets Dr. Berg apart is his personal touch — he personally calls patients to discuss lab results, demonstrating his commitment to meaningful patient-doctor relationships. Continuously engaged in professional development, Dr. Berg stays current with the latest medical advancements through regular readings of the New England Journal of Medicine, CME activities, and subscriptions to resources like New England Journal Watch and Isabella for tackling challenging cases.

Beyond his medical practice, Dr. Berg is an avid runner and cyclist. 

Experience the difference with Berg Direct Primary Care, where compassionate care and commitment to excellence intersect for your optimal health and well-being.

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What is Berg DPC?

The idea for born with the goal of giving the area community a new kind of patient-doctor relationship this is direct, transparent, and simple.  Berg Direct Primary Care is a healthcare practice model that offers a direct relationship between patients and their primary care provider, typically Dr. Berg in this case. In this model, patients pay a membership fee or retainer directly to the practice in exchange for a range of primary care services. This approach eliminates the involvement of insurance companies in routine primary care services, allowing for more personalized, accessible, and comprehensive care. Patients benefit from longer appointment times, enhanced communication with their provider, and a focus on preventive care and wellness. Berg Direct Primary Care emphasizes patient-centered care, prioritizing the doctor-patient relationship and delivering high-quality medical services tailored to individual needs.

Subscription Plans:

Berg Direct Primary Care offers a variety of membership plans tailored to meet the diverse healthcare needs of our patients. These plans include:

  • Child (0-18): Unlimited virtual or in-person consultations without any co-pays.

  • Young adult (19-24):  Perfect for young adults transitioning into independence, offering affordable access to quality healthcare.

  • Individual Plan (35-64): Ideal for adults seeking personalized care.​

  • Senior Plan (65+): Tailored for our valued seniors, providing specialized care for age-related health considerations.

  • Employer plans: Tailored solutions for businesses looking to provide healthcare coverage to their employees.

With Berg Direct Primary Care, you will be able to have same-day or next-day appointments in urgent needs; annual comprehensive health check-ups, a yearly personalized care plan tailored to each patient, recommendation for mental health and wellness,  and ongoing management and support for chronic diseases, with treatment adjustments as necessary.  Also affordable lab test, discounted imaging services and reduced prices on medications are an added benefit of direct primary care.


Have questions or comments? Reach out to Berg DPC via message, call, or email using the contact information provided here 👉🏻


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